How to Get Homeowners Insurance to Pay For a New Roof

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Got roof damage? That’s what homeowners insurance is for right? Yes and no. In some cases damage to your roof is covered by insurance and in some cases it isn’t. Getting insurance companies to cover claims is tricky because they will do whatever they can to avoid paying out on claims. But with the help of a roofing company that has experience filing homeowners insurance claims, you have a better chance of getting funding from the insurance company. 

Whether or not your roof replacement will be covered by insurance depends on a variety of factors. If you want the best chance, here’s how to get homeowner’s insurance to pay for a new roof. 

Review Your Policy 

The first step is to read your homeowners insurance policy and see what is officially covered. There are typically two types of coverage: repair and replacement. Repair coverage is less expensive and easier to get a claim through. Replacement coverage is more expensive and is much more difficult to have a claim approved because the cost of a complete roof replacement is significant. 

When it comes to insurance claims for roof damage, the cause of the damage is the main factor in whether or not your claim will be covered. Unpredictable situations like hail storms may be covered, but accidental damage by a person, such an unqualified roofer or a well-meaning homeowner, will most likely not be covered. Your homeowners insurance policy won’t cover normal wear and tear either. Review your policy to determine whether or not your roof damage should be covered. 

Assess and Document the Damage

Adequate documentation is important when it comes to getting a claim approved by your insurance company. If you can safely inspect the damage by climbing a ladder, take photos that show the extent of the damage. Drone photos are actually one of the safest ways to get the documentation you need if you have the option, but most people don’t. 

Ultimately, the best option for assessing and documenting the damage is a reliable roofing company. An experienced roofer can safely climb up to your roof to assess the damage and take photos. Don’t get up on a ladder if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. The last thing you need in this situation is to add a medical insurance claim to your list.

Another form of documentation that can be helpful to your case is a weather report. If your roof was damaged by hail, wind, or some other extreme weather, find news articles about the weather in your area with accurate dates to help prove your case. 

Find a Roofing Company with Insurance Claim Experience

If you really want to know how to get homeowners insurance to pay for a new roof, you need to work with a roofing company with insurance claim experience. Find a roofing company that will assess your roof, document your claim, fill out your claim paperwork, and take any other necessary steps to ensure you get as much from your homeowners insurance as possible. 

Filing your claim on your own or with an inexperienced roofer could mean your claim will be denied and you’ll be stuck paying for a complete roof replacement out of pocket. Experienced roofing experts know what insurance companies look for when it comes to accepting or denying claims. 

Weatherguard Roofing Can Help You File Your Claim

Need a reliable roofing company to help you file a claim with your homeowners insurance? Weatherguard Roofing has the necessary experience to document the damage to your roof and file a convincing claim to your homeowners insurance company. We make the whole process easy to get your roof replaced with quality materials and workmanship. 

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