Very classy and trustworthy company

I cannot express how happy and satisfied I was with the service I received from Weatherguard Roofing of Canton. I had some drywall damage in an upstairs bedroom of my house and I had assumed that it was caused by a leak in my 15 year old roof. Before Weatherguard Roofing came out, I had had an extremely disappointing experience with Victor’s Roofing in which I feel that they were attempting to sell me services that were not needed (up to $5000), considering that I was only looking to fix a leak and then sell the house in 3 weeks.

Jim and Jeff from Weatherguard showed up on time and got to work right away. I showed them the drywall damage in the bedroom and they were up on the roof in less than 5 minutes doing an inspection. They confirmed that the leak was actually not coming from the roof, but rather from an unsealed portion of vinyl siding. In less than 15 minutes from their arrival Jim and Jeff had found the problem and sealed it up. They even took care of a wasp nest in the overhang — everything they did was completely beyond my expectations.

When it came time for Jim and Jeff to leave, I asked them for the bill and they absolutely refused to charge me for such a minor repair that was not related to the roof. This has been the most pleasant experience I have had with a contractor in my life (roofing or otherwise). Weatherguard Roofing of Canton went completely beyond all expectations and I will definitely use them for any roofing needs I have in my future house. I also would not hesitate to recommend this company to my family and friends. Very classy and trustworthy company! Thank you!

Beau Troychak
Franklin, MI

5★on Google
July 9, 2020