I had a complete roof installed by Tittle Brothers a couple years ago. I noticed I had a leak in my great room that ruined my drywall and my wood floors that were just installed about 6 months prior. I called Tittle and they sent out a couple guys. I was told that the issue was with my chimney and not the roof that they installed. I went up in my attic and noticed that I had a leak that ruined the plywood, insulation and had black mold above my drywall. The leak had been there for a couple years but didn’t get noticed until it was all saturated and started dripping in the house. I called WeatherGuard and the guys came out the next day and told me they would repair the problem and I would not have any issues. When they started working on my roof they found that the shingles were not installed properly and several were torn with nail holes and exposed nail heads. I was told that the company who had installed the roof did not do the flashing around the chimney and that was the cause of the leak. Even though there was substantial damage to the roof they removed the old shingles and repaired the roof properly. They went way beyond what the job was quoted for and didn’t ask for any additional charge to remove and replace the damaged area. I would highly recommend these guys for any major or minor replacement or repair. Its hard to find trustworthy people but these guys are great, Thank you guys for taking care of my issue

Beverly Hills, MI

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October 13, 2020