Out of all the roofers I talked to, Weatherguard was the obvious choice

I live in the Canton area and have a 3 bedroom ranch with a 2 1/2 car detached garage, which was ready for a roof replacement.

I called SEVERAL other roofers for quotes in the Canton area and had about 5 of them come out for on-site quotes. Two of them are very well known in the area and are pretty flashy when it comes to their marketing and advertising (which you end up paying for on the back end by the way). They were disappointing when it came to their price and recommendations (trying to charge me for things I didn’t NEED and up-selling products that were for a home of much higher value). On top of that, they missed the rotted wood that needed to be replaced.

Out of all the roofers I talked to, Weatherguard was the obvious choice. If you read all their reviews, you can tell they are consistent, hard working, and honest people.

I called Weatherguard for a quote and Steve was actually right across the street quoting my neighbors house, so he came over right after and gave me a verbal quote, followed by a digital quote, which was dead-on with the verbal he gave me. While Steve was here, he noticed some wood needed to be replaced due to rot (all the other roofers missed it) and he also noticed whoever put the current roof on missed a lot of essential things that he would address. He did a fantastic job explaining everything and making me feel very comfortable.

I signed the quote on Wednesday. On Thursday Steve setup the job Tuesday morning. Tuesday morning came and the team was there ready to go, bright and early. They knocked out the whole roof replacement and wood replacement in, I kid you not, 3 hours. Everything was perfectly clean, no garbage left behind, beautiful. On top of that, they threw in some ventilation caps to help the garage breathe.

When it came time to pay, guess what: the price actually less than what he quoted! I can’t tell you how many times I have been quoted for a service and it ALWAYS runs over. These guys exceeded my expectations and made a customer for life.

Oh and by the way, the other guys who quoted me for the same service, same shingles, same wood replacement (after I had to tell them wood needed to be replaced), quoted me almost $1k more and said it would be at least a few weeks before they could get to me.

It’s a no brainer here: Weatherguard Roofing is the winner

Sam Showerman
Canton, MI

5★on Google
July 1, 2020