Commercial Property Shingle Roofs

Weatherguard Installs and Repairs Your Shingle Roof

The Rich Hues

Landmark PRO boasts the rich hues and stunning dimensionality of CertainTeed’s Max Def color technology.


Built to Last

Good looks aside, this dimensional laminate shingle is built to last, with two layers of high-quality roofing asphalt and an industry leading lifetime limited transferrable warranty.

SureNail® Technology

It's the nailing line on your shingles. The difference between a good shingle and a great shingle is having SureNail® Technology.

Wind Resistance

The quality and performance of the sealant on a shingle helps plays an important part in wind resistance performance.

Algae Resistance

Owens Corning provides limited warranty coverage on some of our shingles for algae resistance.

TruDefinition Color Platform

specially formulated to capture the bright, vibrant hues and dramatic shades that showcase the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Rubberized SBS Polymer

StormMaster® Shake is manufactured incorporating a rubberized SBS polymer that helps create a more durable, and longer lasting shingle that provides protection in extreme weather conditions. StormMaster’s SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) asphalt construction ensures high performance and lasting durability. This superior shingle can be used in all areas of the country and has proven its stability in high impact and strong wind tests.

Scotchgard™ Protector

In addition to impact-resistance, StormMaster® shingles feature Scotchgard™ Protector, which helps prevent the appearance of black streaks caused by algae.

High Performance

Beauty meets protection with the help of the Atlas 130 mph Wind Limited Warranty*.

Curb Appeal

Maintain your home’s appearance with a roof that looks beautiful for years by resisting the black streaks caused by algae.


Discover the designer look that comes standard with architectural styling and 15 stunning colors.

Weatherguard Roofing is LICENSED & INSURED.

30+ Years Experience