A crew that cares

Was hoping to wait out a few more years with roof replacement, but the leaks in the house needed to be addressed. Received 4 quotes and Weatherguard was the best value. I needed a full tear off. attic ventilation was bad, i had old 1×4 wood that was VERY weathered. They came in, told me exactly what i needed to do and worked with me on price.

like anything, when you invest $$$, it’s tough to determine who is ripping you off and who is genuine. Jimmy, Max, Susie and their entire crew were not only friendly and straight forward, they treated me like i was their brother. I can, for the most part, tell a fake smile from a genuine one. They were truly grateful to help me and were 100% genuine.

When you can feel the sincerity coming off of their voice and the joy of you giving them the opportunity to do something great for you, i knew i chose the right people. I mean, doing something as small as giving them water and gatorade, EVERY single person on the crew made it a point to thank me. No. THANK YOU all for the great work and making this experience really awesome. i knew they would take care of me from the first interaction with the crew. Jimmy you are one of a kind my friend. Max/Susie/Crew, keep smiling. it’s infectious. Thank you. I’m grateful

Ed Engalan
Farmington Hills, MI

5★on Google
August 6, 2020